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Somerset Mortgage Corporation is a mortgage broker offering you the most complete line of loan programs at the very best rates. We have established relationships with some of the top national and regional wholesale lenders in the country. We have been helping home buyers through the mortgage maze since 2000, providing expert advice and first class service. Powered by the latest technology, loan approvals can be just minutes away.


Interest Rates

We always have the best rates as a mortgage broker. The Southeast has the best rates in the country and we deal with the finest Wholesale Lenders in the Southeast, so we have the best rates. Because there are so many variations in a borrower's situation, such as owner occupied versus investment property, purchase versus cash-out refinance, escrow versus no escrow account, etc., we first discuss your goals then delve into your details to see which option works best for you.


Please call us to get the best rates for your situation. Our Wholesale Lenders vary prices slightly based upon loan characteristics such as loan size, credit score, and your down payment. Generally, the larger the loan size, the higher the credit score, and the larger the amount of equity, the better your rate.


Closing Costs

Our Closing Costs are similar to most lender's costs. All the fees are broken out clearly and since there are a lot of folks involved to get a loan all the way through closing, there are a number of various fees. We help keep these fees reasonable and explain if some or all of the costs can be incorporated in your loan.


We also have all of the No Closing Cost variations you see and hear advertised and sometimes they make sense. We often start with a quote which has normal closing costs with lower lender fees and let you see how the rate goes up as we pay more of your closing cost. You can bet the No Closing Cost programs have higher rates. Just know we have all of the variations too and will help you compare and make the best decision for your specific goals. Generally if you are going to be in your home a while, or own it a while, it's better to get a lower rate and pay a little more to get it.


Choose Us

We actually do the shopping for you. We want to be your permanent Mortgage Broker because we take care of you so well - the best rate and costs but more -the best service. Since our Lenders offer different pricing in the treatment of similar situations, we research the market to know who has the best rate and closing costs for your specific scenario and we really look after you.


We welcome the opportunity to share our insight with you.

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